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Nutrition coach

Aziza, our nutrition coach

Aziza is the head of our organic department, but she’s also a graduate nutrition coach and will be delighted to help you choose the right products when you come do your grocery shopping at Auchan Cloche d’or. You can take an appointment for a personalized consulting by calling 26 21 22 20 55 or simply come have a chat with her in store.

A good health starts with a good nutrition. Our experts are here to help you decrypt the product labels and nutritional values.

Aziza will explain you the importance of using natural food supplements (which you can find in our organic and parapharmacy departments) in a controlled diet. These can help fight a lack of essential micronutriments, due to the aggression of our cells by free radicals, called oxidant stress.

She can furthermore explain you how to adopt a healthy and balanced diet by choosing simple quality food that lets you prepare delicious dishes that will delight your body. She can even show you the balanced ready-cooked meals in our Food Court, that suit your diet and only contain authentic ingredients.

Our organic universe

Organic isn't just a trend but a way of living for many of our clients. That's why we didn't just want to offer a large range of organic food, but decided to gather all our organic products in one department.

Organic for the little ones.

At Auchan Cloche d'Or we love seeing kids enjoy 100% organic products, wearing cute Petit Bateau organic cotton underwear or being pampered with Barbapapa's organic hygiene products.

Besides infant milk recommended by pediatricians, we also select with great care our 100% organic meals, dermocosmetic products without endocrine disruptor and fabrics made of organic cotton.

For baby's skin you get a selection of hypoallergenic diapers without chemicals: Pampers Harmonie, Love & Green or Caryboo are all available at our Organic diapers corner.

Spend time in our baby area Bébé & Moi divided into 3 corners: Baby changing and breastfeeding facility, changing rooms and dining area. Samples of our partner brands will be at your disposal.

Baby food goes gourmet.

Our baby food department counts 500 different products, many of them 100% natural meals. Brands like Babybio, HIPP, Good Goût, Blédina Bio, Nestlé Bio are a great help for busy parents. Our 20 Freche Freunde drinking packs are 100% organic and also fun, tasty and easy-to-use, to treat your baby on the go. Without forgetting the delicious Yooji frozen meal portions for babies.

Creator of premium meals for babies, Comme des Papas makes active parents' life easier with fresh, organic, healthy and seasonal food. Comme des Papas wants to meet the parents' expectations in terms of quality and naturalness with an offer of small organic seasonal meals, to keep in a cool place, with an expiry date of 2 months thanks to a special pasteurization appropriate to baby products. Their products will be available from August 2019.

Organic but also bulk!

In our organic department we try to offer local and seasonal fruit and vegetables whenever possible. To go even further, we unite organic and ecological by reducing all packagings. You can find more than 120 bulk convenience products, 100 fruits and vegetables without packagings and more than 30 food and non-food bulk liquids.

Use our recycled paper bags, nylon bags and reusable bottles! The environment will thank you.

In this department you can furthermore find our vegan and allergen-free products.

Organic and natural cosmetics.

More than 500 references of organic but also natural hygiene and beauty products are available in our store, among them a range of DIY beauty kits. We care about your well-being!

Beauty Bar

Eugénie, our beautician

Eugénie has been a beautician for more than 11 years and is passionate about her job. She loves to advise you and help you look your prettiest, while always having an open ear for you. She values presentation, femininity and tenderness which are essential qualities for a beautician. Eugénie's priorities are your satisfaction, relaxation and well-being.

After an intense shopping day, come and relax at our beauty bar, a space where you can benefit from our beauty specialists' expertise and care.

Nails, makeup, facial waxing - here you find everything you need to keep up your beauty routine!
In a rush? Have a quick 15 minutes beauty moment - no appointment needed. For instance, take time to freshen up your manicure during your lunch break!
You have more time? Have a special mother/daughter moment thanks to duo makeup sessions or spend time with your girlfriends to chat and relax.

In our beauty department you can furthermore find a wide range of more than 400 references of hygiene and beauty products including organic and natural cosmetics! Also don't miss out on our soap corner!

In order to further reduce our packaging, we are putting bulk beauty products at your disposal, which you can take home in glass bottles.

DIY Beauty

Embrace a beauty routine as unique as you! The brand Oleum Vera lets your personalize your beauty care thanks to custom boxes available at our beauty department!

Make your own beauty products!

Every Oleum Vera box includes natural oils and a variety of essential ingredients for a healthy skin. Make your own DIY face, body and hair products based on the ingredients provided in the boxes by just adding a few kitchen staples. You will find different recipes in each box to help you customize your beauty routine. The ingredients are pure and unprocessed as well as certified 100% organic by ECOCERT.

Every box contains ingredients for more than 4 months worth of beauty products.

E-mobility with Cyclable

Auchan teams up with Cyclable, the well-known brand dedicated to “Art de Vivre” bicycles in France and Switzerland to offer you an innovative bike store at the heart of the shopping center. Cyclable Auchan Cloche d'Or offers a selection of the greatest bike brands and innovative services for our clients to find their dream bicycle.

An electronic bike for every need

The electric bike is a new way of transportation for urban people: whether motorised by Bosch, Impulse or Shimano Steps, it takes you where you want to go without any efforts. To choose your e-bike, our team of specialists will be pleased to share advice and accompany you when trying cycles.

The best folding bikes to commute easily

The folding bike will become your best friend! Compact, light and easy to ride with or without electric assistance, you will bring it along everywhere : from home to your office to the bus, tramway or even the train.
At Cyclable Auchan Cloche d'Or, our favourite folding bike brands are Brompton, the famous English folding bike specialist, and the brand Tern, which proposes different types of folding cycles.

Have some fun with your family thanks to the cargo bike

The cargo bike is an ideal transport solution for families, and it is perfect to bring your kids from home to school. Hesitating between 2 wheeled Cargo bike or 3 wheeled Cargo bike ? With box in the front or with back extension? Our teams will propose you to try the bike at Cyclable Auchan Cloche d'Or before deciding.

A 300€ tax allowance!

Benefit from a 300€ tax allowance with the purchase of an electric bike!
This tax rebate applies to Luxembourg residents aged 18 or more, using an electric bike for private purposes, if they did not benefit from another state subvention during the 4 previous years.

Opening hours of Cyclable Auchan Cloche d'Or

From 9am to 8pm, from Monday to Saturday

Jacques Schneider - Pop-up Store

Jacques Schneider

From May 28th to June 22nd, our pop-up store will be occupied by Luxembourgish artist Jacques Schneider. He is devoted to his principles and human values and strives to share his vision of an open and respectful Luxembourgish society. As he emphasizes on the environment and human rights, he developed an ethical clothing collection together with FAIRTRADE* Luxembourg. The designs of this collection are representing the values that motivate him on a daily basis. The result : Jacques Schneider imagined the closet of the Luxembourgish family and will be presenting his collection "Léiwe Boy", including some Auchan exclusivities, in our pop-up store.

*FAIRTRADE is an NGO, committed to fair trading between the producers in the South and the consumers in Luxembourg.

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