Auchan Cloche d'Or upgrades your everyday life!

Leave & Go

A new shopping experience has just been delivered!

Auchan innovates to make your grocery shopping even easier and relaxing. Experience the pleasure of doing your shopping with Leave & Go, a convenient service tailored to the constraints and desires of everyone. Take the most out of your Auchan store and collect your grocery where it's the easiest for you!

Auchan arrives at your doorstep!

Do your shopping with Leave & Go, an unprecedented service designed exclusively for the members of the Auchan loyalty programme. Enjoy our delivery service from Monday to Friday from 12 PM to 9 PM and on Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM within 3-5 km around your store.


Live a unique experience at the heart of your Lifestore thanks to the Arena, a gathering space dedicated to entertainment, conferences and testings.

The Arena, a lively place at the heart of Auchan Cloche d'Or!
In the Arena you will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities such as gaming contests, dancing or painting workshops, conferences, products testings and much more to come!
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Experience Virtual Reality!
Next to the Arena, discover a unique space where you can dive into fantasy worlds, amazing sports events and other incredible adventures. Our VR sessions last between 5 and 45 minutes and cost between 5€ and 15€.

Kids Workshop

Emilie, our kids coordinator

Emilie is our graduate kids coordinator who is in charge of the organization of kids activities together with our hostess team, so every child can leave our daycare area with many great memories!

We're welcoming your kids aged 4 to 10 in our nature inspired daycare area. We will help them push their imagination in our creative workshops, get active in our dedicated fitness room or indulge during a pastry class.

The pleasure of shopping with kids!

We babysit and entertain your kids while you're doing your grocery shopping. Leave your children at our daycare and come pick them up after you've finished shopping - they will have many exciting things to tell you!

Your kids will have the possibility to participate in creative activities like a floral workshop, get active in our fitness studio with our personal trainer, or attend a bakery or pastry workshop with our professionals. All activities last 45 to 60 minutes.

Our birthday formulas

Let us organize your children's birthday party and we'll put together a personalized event for them and their friends! Birthday cake baking, creative or sportive activities, followed by playing and of course eating the cake! You'll be sure to offer your children an unforgettable birthday in our Lifestore.

We're welcoming your kids from Monday to Friday from 13h30 (10h00 during school holidays) and Saturdays from 9h00.

Rate per hour: 9€
Rate can vary depending on the chosen activities.

Kids Discovery Tour with Birdy

Keep an eye on your kids while you shop thanks to our different interactive stations that you'll find throughout our Lifestore.

It's all about playing around!

Find the kids' discovery map right next to our daycare area. It will show you all the places in our store, where your child will be able to discover, play and create while you are doing your grocery shopping!

Reading area, listening station, virtual reality, fun rides - every area of the store has the aim to entertain and excite your kids while you do your shopping.
The little ones will for example learn how to sort waste thanks to a recycling truck that explains recycling in a fun and engaging way.

Billy Bird is the companion of kids and grown-up ones to discover our Lifestore.

Kids’ Birthday Party

Our daycare area is the place where your kids can let their imagination grow, thanks to creative, sportive and culinary activities - all while you’re doing your grocery shopping. We can even take in charge the organization of your child’s party!

Let us organize your kids’ birthday party!

Our goal is to offer your kids an unforgettable day surrounded by their friends. The event will be personalized to suit your expectations. You choose, we do the rest!

From reservating and decorating the room to the personalization of the activities, without forgetting the creation of the birthday cake - we do it all to make this party unforgettable. Prices start at 188€ for 10 kids.

Unicorn, dinosaur, mermaid, pirate or other, all you have to do is choose the theme of the party and the activities: pastry workshop (83€ for 10 kids), flower workshop (108€ for 10 kids), dancing workshop (34€ for 10 kids) but also painting, pottery, sports, pizza workshop,... We sure find an activity that your child will love. Don’t hesitate to challenge us with all your ideas!

A committed Lifestore

A Lifestore that cares about the environment and the necessity to reduce packagings, which highlights the importance to privilege local products, a Lifestore that thinks ecological and responsible consumption and that wants to offer the best of good, local and healthy products.

Together against food waste.

Just like our other stores and Drives, we are giving our leftover food that hasn't reached the expiry date to the association « Stëmm vun der Strooss » which redistributes the food packs or hot meals to deprived people. All food products that can't be consumed by humans anymore, are being giving to the Bettembourg zoo to make benefit the animals. All products that can't be consumed at all are being transformed into biogas, a source of energy that we can all benefit from.

Ecobox the alternative doggy bag.

Do you know the Ecobox ? It's a returnable container that allows you to take home your meals from participant restaurants. It is available at our restaurants Comptoirs du Goût et Brasserie and you can also exchange it for points in participant restaurants.

Bring your own containers.

Just like in our other stores, we invite you to bring your own transparent containers when you buy products at our fresh counters to limit single use packagings. For hygiene reasons, your products will still be wrapped in a piece of paper.

Jean Bouteille

Only buy the essential! Auchan Cloche d'Or decided to work with the start-up Jean Bouteille to offer you a waste free shopping solution.

Liquid bulk for all your needs!

In our organic universe you can find 33 fountains with different edible liquids like a selection of oils, vinegar, wine and even beer.
As for household products we offer detergent, dishwashing liquid, black soap, cleaning vinegar, but also shampoo, soap and shower gels to cover your beauty routine.

The bottles are made to be reused as often as possible without breaking. They are made of glass and can be closed with swing tops. Once paid, you can use the bottles as often as you want or get your money back when you bring them back to your Lifestore.

They will then be cleaned and put at the disposal of other customers. The cleaning of the bottles consumes less water than the production of a new bottle.

For the non food products you can use our plastic containers that you can reuse however you want.

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