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Hervé, our baker

He managed his own bakery for more than 10 years and won many prizes rewarding the quality of his handcrafted breads. Hervé's specialty is the French baguette, for which he won the "Moselle's best baguette" award in 2006 and 2014.

The Auchan Cloche d'Or Bakery offers a large range of delicious organic breads, prepared with passion by our team of professional bakers. Our breads are baked throughout the day to make sure you find fresh and crusty bread anytime.

Let's encourage local ingredients and partnerships! Our breads are handmade on site, with the flours from Kleinbettingen mills, well-known for their quality.

We're committed to protect our environment: in order to limite waste, we exclusively use recyclable packagings.

Pastry cooking

Xavier, our pastry chef

Xavier, our pastry chef, is an expert of pastry, chocolate and ice cream making, and wants to share his passion with you. Soon he will be offering masterclasses with his team at Cloche d'Or, to teach you how to prepare your favourite pastry.

Drool over our biscuits, pastries and other homemade delicacies with only premium quality ingredients.

As we care about offering more and more natural products, we choose food coloring made of 100% natural ingredients and without preservatives for our pastries.

Our cookies are homemade by our pastry cooks with local products, such as Luxlait butter and flour from the Moulins de Kleinbettingen, well-known for their undeniable quality.

Wine area

Fabrice, our wine expert

Graduate from oenology studies, teacher in sommelier's schools, international jury member and accredited trainer of the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, Fabrice has been in the wine world for more than 15 years.

The new place to be for afterwork lovers and wine enthusiasts. An exceptional wine cellar with 130 exclusive wines in Luxembourg, as well as 70 liqueurs.

Don't miss out on our wine bar and its wine tower with 300 bottles. Find a large selection of local wines from wineries in Luxembourg and the greater region as well as organic wines and also wines from all over the world. It's the new place to come enjoy the delicious tapas selection of our Brasserie.

Our passionate wine experts are here to guide you in your choices. One of them is Fabrice: graduate from oenology studies, teacher in sommelier's schools, international jury member and accredited trainer of the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, he has been in the wine world for more than 15 years. Thanks to his network of professionals that he met directly at vineyards all around the world, he can now propose rare and exclusive wines that you will be pleased to taste.

Our wine bar is open Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and for your afterwork from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, on Fridays even until 9:00 pm. On Saturdays it's open from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Fish market

Stéphane, our fishmonger

Meet Stéphane, who has been a professional fishmonger for 15 years in Luxembourg. He grew up in a fishmonger's family and dreamt of pursuing the family tradition by becoming a fishmonger himself.

At our fish market, you will find every day our fishmongers' selection of seafood coming from French fishing harbours such as Lorient, Cancale, Concarneau or La Turballe.

To propose you the best and freshest seafood, we exclusively offer whole fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel and many others. You can also find a large selection of smoked fish prepared on spot respecting a traditional smoking process.

We are furthermore committed to promoting responsible fishing by developing partnerships with traditional fishers, by respecting seasonality in our seafood offer and of course by supporting local products such as Luxembourgish trouts.

Our team of professional fishmongers will be delighted to share some cooking tips with you. Should you wish to taste some seafood before doing your grocery shopping, we would be delighted to propose our Chef's selection of products and recipes, exclusively available at our restaurant, La Brasserie.

Delicatessen corner

Gaël, our delicatessen expert

Gaël is our delicatessen expert who lets you taste exceptional products all year round. He and his team will be happy to recommend you the best delicacy platters to suit your taste and culinary events.

At your delicatessen corner you find a choice of local specialities from Luxembourg and the Great Region but also products imported from all over Europe. Our suppliers are close partners who allow us to bring their best products right to you!

Fine cold meat lovers will be thrilled to find a selection of tasty cold meats including Pata Negra ham and the famous Bayonne Ibaïana ham. Or how about a selection of Italian cold meats like Culatello, matured in red wine for a month?

Come over to our Tapas bar to relax and watch our Chef Olivier Thomassen show off his meat cutting skills. And don't forget to taste our variety of homemade platters.

Our Luxembourgish partner Rawdish is known for his vegan gourmet dishes and proposes a selection of 100% organic and creative meals with unique flavours to complete our homemade food choice.

Also don't miss out on our fresh pasta which is homemade with local flour from the Kleinbettingen Mills. Our chef Sebastiano has all the secrets to make fresh Italian pasta and will be happy to share them with you.

Fromagerie Drauffelt

Discover our unique selection of cheese made in Luxembourg by our partner La Ferme de Drauffelt.

La Ferme de Drauffelt is the story of Yves Radelet, a chef who is passionate about handmade products and working with traditional and premium ingredients.

Find a large range of all types of cow and goat milk cheese. The chef is picking the milk up himself at local farms to make 100% natural cheese without additives.

Fresh, soft or hard cheese, strong or light taste - there's a variety to please everyone's taste.

Yves Radelet also makes his own range of chocolate, cold meats, pasta and bread. Every choice he makes is driven by his desire to offer you a unique taste and make every bite unique.

Taste the delicious Ferme de Drauffelt products at your cheese counter.

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

Nicolas, our fruits and vegetables expert

Nicolas' experience with fresh food allows him to share his passion with his team in order to make them the best possible assistants for you.

The fruit and vegetable department of your Lifestore stands for choice and quality. Our experts are here to guide you all year long and to make you discover local products but also new varieties!

Fresh and tasty local products!

In order to encourage short food supply chains as well as local consumption, you will be able to find all seasonal products from Luxembourg and the Greater region in our fruit and vegetable department.

Let's get exotic!

At Auchan Cloche d'or we make your taste buds travel with more than 50 exotic fruit references! Discover exceptional products that you didn't even know existed! Use our tablets right next to the spice corner to get to know more about our products.

Our spice corner.

We are now offering 60 unmilled bulk spices that will make your dishes more colourful.

The classic truffle.

All year round you can enjoy exceptional truffles from Italy or France at the best market prices.

Our organic department at the heart of your Lifestore.

When you leave our fruit and vegetable department and pass by our wine department, you will find our organic universe. All the fruit and veggies here are without packagings, 100% bulk and delicious! You can buy them in recyclable paper bags or in reusable and washable veggie bags. Those products that are packed have either a packaging made of sugar cane or of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Potatoes, salad, radish - find your local, seasonal products in our organic department!

Hydroponics, what's that?

For the first time in Luxembourg you can discover our hydroponic farms in which we grow and harvest aromatic herbs and salads. They are all without pesticides and short supply chain for an outstanding gustatory quality.

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