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Luxembourgish Beer at Atelier des Brasseurs

Anthony, our beer expert

Anthony has been working in retail for 15 years and will be delighted to welcome you at our Atelier des Brasseurs in order to make you discover his large range of local and international beers!

When it comes to beer, Luxembourg can definitely keep up with other countries. Come discover the varied choice of local beers in your Lifestore. Auchan Cloche d'Or is of course proposing the indispensable local beers like Battin, Bofferding or Simon, but we wanted to go a step further.

After meeting Mathias Lentz, president of the Confédération des Brasseries et des Brasseurs Luxembourgeois, we developed partnerships with local brewers such as Stuff Brauerei, Bare Brewing, Echternacher, Clausen and Fox.

In collaboration with the Simon brewery and the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, we created a beer called “The Fabulous Lady Simone”. This name is a tribute to the women who traditionally brewed beer. The label has been imagined by the students of Arts et Métiers and reflects the fruity, floral and bitter notes of the Pale Ale. Even though it is not a fruit beer, it contains notes of citrus.

When it comes to ecological innovations, we're proposing a loose draft beer that you can take home in a glass bottle thanks to our collaboration with the startup Jean Bouteille.

The Spice Collection

In our Convenience department, find the unique range of pure and premium spices of the Luxembourgish brand The Spice Collection, created by Roxane Rajabali to offer the best quality of natural spices while promoting local producers.

Inspired by the treasures of nature, The Spice Collection will help you transform your meals into genuine moments of pleasure thanks to their unique flavours and tastes. You can use them in both classic or sophisticated meals, as a little pinch of happiness.

Besides offering quality spices, The Spice Collection is committed to protect the environment with meaningful actions, such as the Planting Tree project in Madagascar: for every spice purchased, a tree is planted on the Island of Nosy Be, at the North West of Madagascar. Thanks to this project 3,700 Cananga Odorata trees (also known as Ylang Ylang) have already been planted, encouraging the preservation of fauna and flora while raising awareness of local populations on the importance of protecting the environment.

  • Travel in Mind Collection, a genuine cooking journey through India, the United States and the Middle East.
  • Say It With Pepper Collection, a range of the best peppers in the world.
  • Mix In Love Collection, an easy to use, tasty mix.
  • The Must Have Collection, a selection of spices you can use in your everyday meals.

Our convenience exclusivities

Our convenience universe will surprise you with its large range of exceptional and exclusive products. Both in the sweet and the savoury department we’ve only chosen the best brands for you.

High end spices and seasoning.

Terre Exotique is specialized in spices from all over the world and offers a large range of rare pepper, natural or flavoured salt and sugar, as well as raw or powdered spice mixes to sublimate every dish.

La Moutarderie Edmond Fallot is the last big family-owned mustard manufacturer in Bourgogne and managed to stay true to the artisan know-how of mustard production. The brand has expanded its range over the years and now offers aromatic mustards, vinegars, tinned food and seasoning.

Discover the Muraglia oils that have been produced for 5 generations in the Apulia region. The olives are handpicked and traditionally pressed with a stone press. The brand aims to produce Italy's finest extra-virgin olive oils while maintaining high quality standards.

The Viola family has been living in symbiosis with their olive trees in the Umbria region for 150 years. Their olive oils have the Colleruita, DOP and Costa del Riparo Biologico labels, which demonstrate the high quality of their products.

Sweets for the sweet.

The Charlemagne chocolate from Liège has never been sold by a big retailer before. The brand is known for developing chocolate with original tastes with the help of essential oils.

The Chocolaterie Genaveh has been founded more than 12 years ago in Luxembourg and the brand is proud of its origins. The mix of cultures in Luxembourg is reflected in the chocolates which are traditionally handmade with the historic know-how of passionate artisans.

Tea lovers will be happy to hear that for the first time they can find the Palais des Thés teas in a supermarket. In store you will find fact sheets that help you figure out the differences between each tea.

Araku lets you discover the first 100% organic coffee that is integrated in a short food supply chain. It comes from a biodynamic cultivation in India. With the help of our poll that’s available on a tablet in store, you will be able to find the coffee that suits you best.

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